Update: Yes, Conor Still Lifts Weights

Alright, here’s a couple updates rolled into one.

Last week we did some bench and squat at some point, nothing to write home about. I think I did 375 for a single or a double on a lowish box. I missed 355 I think on wide grip bench.

Last night we pulled…

conventional deadlift 460×5, 480x2x1, 485×1, 495×1

barbell shrugs 315x3x6 Man, do I have no upper back.

GHR 25x2x1, 10x2x6

dumbbell shrug 75x2x12

Good morning 135×8, 6, 8 I know I can go heavier with these, it’s just that I tweak out my back when I get my spine under the bar for a long time, so I’m starting out with a very conservative weight.

I drank an apple juice tonight during training, after chowing down on a bunch of junk food right before I made it to the gym, and I think the apple juice made me feel shitty. Now, some of you may wish to implicate the junk food (like apple juice isn’t junk food), but I’m sure it was that shit. Next time, if I want to taste an apple, I’ll get a bag of sour apple Jolly Rancher’s.

Hottie Report: Finally, the gym was open till 10pm instead of 6, and there were actually girls playing volleyball. Score one for Conor! One of the gals that works there is pretty shiny too.

Update: Yes, Conor Still Lifts Weights

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