Rep Deadlift: Puke Factory for Fat Guys

I credit Phil and his rippling abness for this workout tonight.

conventional deadlift 225×5, 315×5, 415x4x5 These made me feel like I wanted to die. The rest of the time was spent jerking around. Kristen trained with us tonight, and she’s going to be a strong gal.

GHR levelx5, incline with 25#x2x5

misc curls and pulldowns

100 reps of bench with bar

front plank 105x45s

This performance may be a scathing indictment of whiskey drinking and banjo picking as a training technique, time will tell.

I feel like this is exactly what I need to be doing to get my lifts up, and I hated every second of it. Give me some max effort high box squatting with lots of rest any day of the week.

Rep Deadlift: Puke Factory for Fat Guys

2 thoughts on “Rep Deadlift: Puke Factory for Fat Guys

  1. Philipk says:

    I thought you held up pretty well. How is your back feeling?

    My back is a little sour but nothing a little Ibuprofen won’t fix.

    I hope to see you on Wed.

    Peace out!

    P.S. Nice lifting Kristen!

  2. conorattack says:

    The back’s good. I thought when we were training that it might have gotten a little tweaked, but it’s just “muscle sore” not “hurt sore”. I was actually trying really hard to pull myself up with my traps first and drive my hips forward, so even though I know I was rounded a touch, I was probably in good position.

    Incidentally, after just a taste of hooch last night, I declined training today. Tomorrow?

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