Boards, Borgir, Burgers and Music to Move You

I got a new set of boards for board pressing, and a new Dimmu Borgir CD. Dimmu is some awesome shit, but it’s sort of just mood music. I don’t have any favorite songs yet. In no particular order, here are some good lifting songs:

  1. Deep Sea Creature – Mastodon
  2. Lets Start a Riot – Three 6 Mafia
  3. Refuse/Resist – Sepultura
  4. mOBSCENE – Marilyn Manson
  5. South Texas Death Ride – Union Underground
  6. Vote With a Bullet – Corrosion of Conformity
  7. Bitches – Mindless Self Indulgence
  8. Killing Fields – Slayer
  9. Cowboys From Hell – Pantera
  10. Jump The Fuck Up – Soulfy

“A funky groove to fuck to” So sayeth the D.
Coincidentally I saw this manorexic looking dude who should probably have nickname like “Slim” or “Scraggly Pete.” Dude needed a cheeseburger, seriously.

The gym is only open until 6pm during breaks and being an [ostensibly] employed person, that only gave me a little time to work out. Phil got in about 5:15 so we busted some tail and banged out some board presses, 4 for me, 3 for Phil.

4 board press 225×3, 275×3, 315×3, 325×1, 335×3, 345×2?, 365×1, 375×1

machine row 90×8, 125×5, 125×15 (AMAP)

I did a pretty good warm-up and did some hip stretches. All of this time off has not been good for my mobility or my conditioning.

Hottie Report: No hotties today, but they’re a definite possibility in the future. I seem to get a lot of hits when I mention adult entertainment actresses, so I’ll throw a shout-out to Melissa Midwest. Melissa: You are hot.

Boards, Borgir, Burgers and Music to Move You

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