I Didn’t Train, But It’s Not Like You’re So Great Either

I haven’t done any substantive training since… December 13. I did some lockouts out of chains on Dec 18, and worked up to a decent single. I haven’t done anything else though, except pet the cows, pet the pigs, pet the horse and drive about a million nails at home on the farm.

Incidentally, I built a pretty cool gizmo for board presses. I might post some pictures. I think it’s the prescription for my pitiful lockout strength.

I also ate a tremendous amount of graduation cake from my Grandma, which is also good for your strength. While cake is good (particularly Hostess) I think strength is also positively correlated with mayonnaise intake. Take that to the bank and buy some Hellmann’s stock. (Damn there are a lot of n’s in “mayonnaise” and “Hellmann’s”.)

I also think I might start an anarchist blog just to vent all the things that are in my head. However, I don’t want it to conflict with the popularity or pure spirit of my training blog.

Happy Kwanzaa .

I Didn’t Train, But It’s Not Like You’re So Great Either

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Train, But It’s Not Like You’re So Great Either

  1. Philipk says:

    There is definitely nothing wrong with a little time off. I haven’t done anything this week other then go for a walk w/ Erin and do some push-ups and abs. I might go to Beyer tonight for a little bit but I will definitely be there on Sunday.

    Working on the farm is more strength training then you think, especially if you have a scoop or pitch fork in your hands.

    Peace out!

  2. conorattack says:

    I hear that. I should go get a two pound hammer and smack something a couple hundred times a day, my grip and forearms would thank me. I didn’t do a lot of shit scooping, but I did a little, and shoveled the walk. We’ll call that “conditioning work”.

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