Holla Back

I’ve got to get my back strong. I need to come up with some more low back movements and actually do them. I’m lacking the back strength to lead with my traps/head out of the hole in the squat and to pull properly.

Manta Ray (high bar for idiots) squat with medium stance 225x2x3, 245×3, 275×3, 285×3, 295×1, 305×2 These probably aren’t exact but they do reflect the top set I worked up to. I have a lot more strength, but as I alluded to above, I just don’t have the back to arch out of the hole, leaving me buckling over halfway up.

Seated Good Morning with cambered bar 135×6, 185x2x6

lat pulldown with big triangles 19x3x8

leg extension 6x3x20ish Man, is it weird to have a pump in the quads. You know what Arnold said…

GHR 10#x2, 25×4, 25×5, struggled on the sixth, I’m pretty pleased with these. From now on, no more GHR’s without weight

close grip bench 165×20 I found this laying around so I just banged out a set with it. Somebody was benching with that super long bar we have… it amazes me how most people have no clue about the bars they use. Yes, it matters.

Isometric back extension 45x40s This is an improvement over last week. As soon as I can hold it for a minute, I’m going to start adding weight. This is the same way I feel about running; as soon as you are able to complete the distance you want to run, you need to start running for speed, i.e. if you want to run 5k’s, as soon as you are capable of trudging that distance, cut it back to miles and run for speed.

I might have dicked around with something else here or there, but I don’t recall. I’m psyched that I’ve figured out my most glaring weakness (for now), but it’s frustrating to know how much work you have to do. I’ve read (Stephen Covey) that that’s the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful, the former just do what the latter won’t.

Hottie Report: One hottie, bearing a striking resemblance to Raven Riley.

Holla Back

5 thoughts on “Holla Back

  1. Nenad says:

    Conor you the man …. Good job on your lifting today keep up the good work and yeah that hottie was super nice…. I am still wondering how do you know about Raven Riley (just checked her out she is one attractive babe)

    Happy Holidays, and keep lifting hard!!!!


  2. Philipk says:

    Are we talking about the little hottie that was in the gym shooting baskets w/ her metro-boyfriend?

    Anyways from here on out Conor you must call the mana-ray by it’s real name: “Mana-gay”!

    Nenad keep lifting!

    Merry Christmas! (I can say that b/c I am Catholic)


  3. Damn you…I need some college chicks at my gym…only high school girls there that have now all of a sudden become to young for me to look at anymore…or maybe I’m getting to old…

  4. Philipk says:

    What’s up. I got back from my Cruise last Sat. and spent Christmas w/ my parents yesterday.

    I got in some good training on the boat and have decided to take this week off.

    What have you been up to? Are you training at the Chickasaw Rec Center or are you taking a break?


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