Long Hard Road… To Yoked?

It was a long training session tonight. This is what happens when Phil and I both want to use the good bench press.

GHR 10#6, 4 I might start doubling up on these, on my upper body days and do them heavy at the beginning and light at the end, or vice versa

speed bench against bands 145x6x3 Three different grips, close, medium and wide against double mini bands. Phil gave me a press command on the last three sets and some good long pauses. During the warm up I hit a few reps with 225 and it felt like a total joke.

machine rows 115x5x10

incline press 135x?, 225x2x3

one arm dumbbell press 85x2x12 I did these on the shitty narrow bench and it was much, much harder. I almost fell over getting it into position.

GHR situps bwx3x8

concentration curl 40x3x8

reverse barbell curl 85x2x8

Quasimodo’s 275x3x15

lying external rotations 10# x 10

To gal that came in in the pink short shorts: I’ll be doing good mornings tomorrow and you’re free to work in with me.

I weighed myself tonight and given the error in my scale, I’d say I’m anywhere from 265 to 270ish. I’m always joking about eating my way out of the 275’s, but it might yet happen… I don’t feel sloppy though, I feel strong.

Long Hard Road… To Yoked?

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