Lumber Lifting, Lumbar Lifting, Supplements and Diatribes

2 board press with close grip, about a finger width outside the smooth 225×3, 275×3, 295×3, 315×3, 325×2, 335×1, 345×0, 295×4

dumbbell bench 100×12, 7, 5

alternated with

box rows 75x3x8 I do these by supporting my chest with the box propped up longways

long pulls on GHR with front propped up on box 25×12, 40×12, 50×12 I know the Russians used that term for something else (some kind of stiff leg snatch I think) I’m going to call this it because that’s how it feels. It’s just a back extension where I hold the dumbbells in my hands, like a dumbbell deadlift or something and really round and stretch out in the bottom. Seems well suited for reps, ill-suited for heavy work.

alternated with

rolling extensions 30×12, 40×7

lateral raises in scapular plane with green bands just for funsies

I did all of my board benching with the aforementioned Balkans Crew. They’re looking really good, and I’d like to see these guys get involved with powerlifting. They may not win any meets yet, but I definitely think they’d make killer progress if they were training for one. I can’t wait until I get a couple boards nailed together for 4-board presses, in which case I’ll probably start using it for my second exercise on speed upper day.

You may now quite reading if you don’t care about my opinion about anything.

Also, read a really good article on T-Nation today. Read it and buy some Power Drive, you bums. I’m going to go off on a tangent about a couple of things now:

  1. With very few exceptions, supplements that don’t have calories don’t do shit. A fucking double cheeseburger will do more for your lifts than most of the garbage people sell. (From a few years back in the T-Mag forums by Prof X – “If you see a cheeseburger, eat the motherfucker.”) Stuff I do like though:
    • Power Drive – Helps keep you from overtraining on intensity, ie you lose strength less quickly when overreaching. I use it after my workouts for recovery purposes.
    • Carbolin 19 – Kind of expensive but seems to help keep you from becoming a fatty creature when eating like one.
    • Spike – Stimulants are awesome. I’d compare this one favorably with Adderall. I like the caffiene-free and I add my own.
    • ZMA – Doesn’t hurt to add, as most people are supposedly magnesium defficient. They claim it helps you sleep better, but except when I’m dieting (It happens about as often as most undergrads read a book that isn’t published by Larry Flynt; quality work I might add) I don’t notice.
    • Epsom Salt – Can be taken orally, but if you overdo it you’ll know, as you’ll shit a geyser. Soaking is also good, especially after a high-volume training session/microcycle.
    • Lysine – Picked this up from a Charles Poliquin article somewhere. Use about 3-5 grams before you go to sleep to combat deep muscle soreness. Now, these do contain calories, but it’s so minuscule you wieners shouldn’t be counting it in your totals. Nor should you be counting calories, choads.
    • Alpha Male – Makes you feel good. May or may not help with training, but it definitely increases the quantity and quality of your man ranch. Don’t tell your girlfriends about this and look forward to a genuine look of surprise, fear or anger, depending on their temperament and how your ejaculatory cookie crumbles.
    • Plain ol’ caffeine – One of my favorite xanthine alkaloids and an awesome pick me up. I’m in agreement with Dr. DiPasquale that the fat burning effects are blunted unless you’re on a low carb diet (probably has something to do with the adrenergic effect of low carbing it) but it feels good all the same. Take too much and risk looking like a fiend and dropping dead somewhere by the drinking fountain. “Anybody got a beta-blocker for this chump on the ground?”
    • Kelp tablets (bladder wrack) – Sounds gross, but it’s good for you. I’d take it year round, especially if you have cold extremities.
  2. Train with a partner, team or group. Training by yourself lets you get too far off on yor own tangents. Having another voice will help keep you honest, and balanced. For example, for too long I ignored my lower back, because I had developed the notion from my reading that direct lower back work would lead to an increased lordosis/anterior pelvic tilt, decreased gluteal function, back pain and in general the end of the world. I was pulling deads all the time and wondering why I wasn’t improving and always hurting my back. It never occured to me that maybe I just needed to get my back stronger, that it was the weak link and I should address it directly. The conjugate method in practice, people. It took my special topics seminar on injury biomechanics before my nerd brain kicked in and said “You should get stronger erectors so that you can create larger moment to counter the bending moment on you spine.” Eureka! If I’d been training regularly with a good partner, he would have been able to say “Hey dipshit, I’m going to do some extensions, you in?” Problem solved.
  3. Commercial gyms and everything about them suck. I refer to them as “chump factories”. The biggest problem is that they are not results driven, they are experience driven. Now, as a major type B personality, I can relate to this. I’m all about having good experiences and societies pressures and goals be damned. The weight room is a different story though. If you don’t have a goal you can’t have a plan. If you don’t have a plan you’re just fucking around. No one just stumbles back asswards into success in this area, unless they had it to start with, and they make so much progress so fast that they’re not the ones reading blogs about it on the internet. Dave Tate goes over this very well in several articles. Pick a goal, get indicators. Try something, watch indicators. Indicators up? Good, continue. Indicators the same? Bad, do something else. Indicators down? Bad, do something else, eat a cheeseburger and learn how to box squat. Pretty simple. Not enough people give credit to Dave, but this is exactly what the scientific method is all about. Define your problem, define your measures, test and repeat.

That’s plenty for tonight.

Lumber Lifting, Lumbar Lifting, Supplements and Diatribes

2 thoughts on “Lumber Lifting, Lumbar Lifting, Supplements and Diatribes

  1. i have just gotten my hands on a GHR and reverse hyper myself and am looking forward to a lot of lumbar development

    good rant, especially liked #3. and #4.

    girls who don’t abide by rule #4. should be reprimanded

  2. Got your comment on my site. Any link is fine with me.

    As for the girls and your rules I’m all there (but don’t tell my wife!). Of course just make sure they aren’t walking by while your doing a heavy squat or bench…

    And I’m back at a commercial gym…it fucking sucks. Well I shouldn’t say anything since I’ve only been there once, but I can tell it’s not going to be all that good.

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