Conventional Deadlift

Checked my progress on the conventional deadlift tonight. Worked up to 475×1 and missed 495 just off the floor. The last pulling I did was on October 22 when I pulled 425 for two singles. Before that I pulled 455 for a single on September 4 and August 27. It’s interesting that I took that single in August, took another heavy single the next week and then complained about my back in my log for about a month. I don’t think more pulling is necessarily the answer, I think I need smarter pulling. I haven’t pulled except for the occasional squat snatch and clean the entire month of November and I came back for what I think is a gym PR. Proof of the conjugate method, in my mind.

After this I was pissed and didn’t really accomplish anything. In retrospect, hitting a decent single is nothing to be pissed about.

Lat pulldown with big double triangles, 16,17,18×10

GHR with back elevated six inches bwx5,4,3 Used a 5 pound plate on the first rep of the last set, which is I think the first time I’ve ever used weight on the GHR.

Improvised reverse hyper with bands cinched to back support so as to pull my legs farther forward like in a real RH.

One arm cable row 70×8

GHR situps 15x3x4

I didn’t really enjoy training tonight, but I feel like it was necessary. I mean that I needed to test my deadlift to see where it was going, how it felt and what my form looked like. Without knowing these things, scheduling my future training would be impossible.

I am going to star pulling a few singles for speed against bands, probably on the same day as my normal lower body speed work. I’ll do these in addition to wide stance box squats. I’ll then shift the rep work that I’ve been intending on doing to after my heavy lower body day.

I need to continue to get my back stronger, much stronger. I should keep doing some kind of back extension, once for moderate reps and once for time. I think high bar narrow and medium stance work off a lowish box will also help my back strength. The sooner we get a safety squat bar, the happier I’ll be.

Conventional Deadlift

2 thoughts on “Conventional Deadlift

  1. Philipk says:

    I trained at ICCC in Fort Dodge tonight. I guess it is there campus YMCA anyways probably their version of Lied. Anyways trained chest and shoulders. 2 great quotes.

    I asked a guy to spot me while I am benching 295#. The kid I get to spot me said, “Are you maxing out?” my answer No!

    Second quote. I asked a guy (d. bag w/ died hair and shaved legs) if I could use chalk as I was getting ready to bench 315#. The pretty boy w/ bling earrings says, “Only if you bench it 3 times”. Without skipping a beat I say “I plan to”. The kid shut up and then I benched it for 4 reps.

    Anyways good training but there was only 2 good looking girls all night.

    see you Mon.

  2. conorattack says:

    That great. I like the shaved legs, that’s a nice touch that most metro’s probably would have overlooked.

    I don’t know why people are so chalk-phobic. Maybe it’s because most ominous substances on TV are shown in the form of a nondescript white powder.

    I also think it’s funny how people are afraid of “maxing out”. What if you were “maxing out”? So what? I guess all the decades of bodybuilding bullshit from the magazines and what-not have everyone believing it’s dangerous to take a heavy single. News flash, you have many more opportunities to lift with shitty form when doing rep work than singles. A lot of powerlifters hit training maxes every week to no ill effect. Besides, most of these lame-o’s are so weak their maxes, rep weights, IQ, neck size and inseam are all the same size.

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