Bench Work, Log, GHR

speed bench with long pauses 185x6x3 at three different grips

Log press with 12″ log 185×3, 205×3, 215×2, 220×1 My PR with the log is 240, so this is pretty decent for me at this point in the year.

Overhead lockout 225×5, 275×3 I set the bar a few inches above my head in the power rack and lock it out. Sometimes I’ll squat this out of the pins and use more weight, but tonight I wanted to actually lock it out from a flexed elbow.

Pressdown 6×18, 7×12 I switched from the lame double pulley setup to the regular lat-pull cable because it’s a lot heavier. I’m not crazy strong or anything and I can easily rep the whole stack on the double pulley, so this was a good move. Oh, the wonder of mechanical advantage.

some random bent over flyes and band pull aparts with a random set of reverse curls

two sets on the GHR, one inclined on a 2×6 for 12, one flat for 10 I like to do these first, but I just forgot.

side bends 75×8, 100x2x8

Spud Inc. Neck Harness – couple sets of ? with 25#

I might start doing some leg extensions too, as I have basically no wheels and I’m sure doing some leg extensions won’t be enough extra volume to impact my real movements.

I was disappointed that just as I was wrapping up some girls showed up to play volleyball. Always my good timing…

Bench Work, Log, GHR

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