Box Squat PR and Inpromptu Bench Meet

Hit a PR on the box squat tonight. Worked up to 405×3 with pretty good form. No bowing out and bent over good-morning-ing it up. I’ve been using about a 12 inch box with a bumper plate on top of it. If it’s not right at parallel, it’s only an inch or so high. With good form even, this was a big PR for me.

I was going to do some rep work on the leg press, but because I worked up, I didn’t

GHR front elevated 12 inches x 10, elevated 6 inches x 6, elevated 2 inches x 6, 6, 5

machine row 115×10, 12, 11

improvised reverse hyper off GHR – one #3 band double cinched x15, two #3 bands double cinched x12

standing incline DB external rotation 15×20, 20×9

plank 90x57s This was a PR on the plank too. I almost had the full minute, but I could feel my back start to buckle and I was shaking like Smoky the Crackhead .

I wanted to do some kind of shrug too, but what I accomplished was fine.

On another upbeat note, I have some friends from Serbia (I think, I don’t want to offend…) who decided to have a bench-off tonight. They’re all lightweights, I think under 200. I want to say the winning lift was 175. We placed them on coefficient, but I don’t remember who made what. They all actually looked pretty good, and they’ve come a long way.

Good work and good lifts from the Balkan crew!

Box Squat PR and Inpromptu Bench Meet

2 thoughts on “Box Squat PR and Inpromptu Bench Meet

  1. Philipk says:

    First Shout out to the Balken Crew! They looked strong.

    Screw the black guy who came in and was f*&king up my world. I want to have a bench off w/ him next time.

    New saying that we should put up in Beyer. “Where men come to train and Gods leave to rule”. Something like that, what do you think?

    Finally you were born to box-squat!

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