Bench Work, Hotties, and Spastic Episodes

Did a little bench work tonight. I don’t take pep pills religiously, but I am, in the least, an aficionado of stimulants. I took half a caffeine free Spike and 200mg of caffeine before training and felt like a million bucks.

GHR front elevated on a 2×6. bwx2x10

Close grip bench, index a finger or so outside the smooth.  225×3, 245×3, 275×3, 295×1?(maybe three, I don’t remember), 315×1 (but my spotter touched it, at any rate it would have been legit so I’m counting it.), 325×0, 320×0

I was so pissed after that 325 attempt that I had a mild psychotic episode right in the middle of the gym. I just can’t quite push hard enough to get it once I hit my sticking point. Phil did a great job of making me fight at it though.

I’ve got pretty long wings and that extra reach with the close grip makes my stroke about a mile long. I was hitting my sticking point pretty high, I’d say four or five board press territory.

dumb bell bench 90x2x10, 90x2x9 I alternated with some empty bar rows to the face because I didn’t feel up to doing any “real” rowing.

dumb bell raises in scapular plane 25x2x10

iso back raise on GHR with bar on back 45 for 20s, 45 for 30s

rolling db extensions 20 , 30 reps in 90s

GHR situps – bwx4x4 abs are still killing me

There was a good looking girl in the gym last night, training pretty hard too. There were a couple of girls, one of them in some kind of crop top or sports bra or something that just peeked in, head the Manson or whatever was on the radio, looked at us and decided to leave.

I wasn’t going to train until tomorrow night, but 1) I like training when Phil’s in the gym, and 2) I realized I’m going to be on the road all this weekend, so I won’t be able to train Friday afternoon anyway, so I’m going to train tonight.

I ate a huge amount of food yesterday and I just pounded a big lunch today, so I should be able to double up without any problems. On a related note, I think all that extra chow lead to a good workout last night and I definitely felt “big”.

I’d like to know where in the state of Mississippi I’ll be going this weekend.

Bench Work, Hotties, and Spastic Episodes

One thought on “Bench Work, Hotties, and Spastic Episodes

  1. Philipk says:


    Props on the C.G. bench, you looked strong up to the sticking point.

    Yes that chick is hot! She could however use about 30lbs w/ most of that coming in the chest area if possible.

    Finally I can definitely tell my training has improved since we started training at the same time. Keep up the good work.

    Philip K.

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