Extra Workout

I went to campus tonight for a meeting, which I conveniently failed to note was actually next week. So I printed off the entry form for this powerlifting meet and posted it on the Weight Club bulletin board. Then a noticed a moderately attractive girl and saw some of the regulars, so I decided to go back home, change clothes and come back for an extra workout.

I did a couple trips of forward lunges, then a forward bear crawl (just on hands and feet, don’t really know what it’s called), lateral lunges and backwards bear crawls, and a set of hanging knee raises. I even did some jumps and bounds for good measure.

I finished it up with static stretching. I’m trying to get my hips opened up so I’ll have better position in the hole in the squat. I have a copy of Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson’s Magnificent Mobility that I think I may rewatch this week.

Extra Workout

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