Funky Bar Squats and Buddy Wood Holding

I got a lot done today. Per my previous post, I’m making sure to hit my GHR’s and get my assistance work on the level.

I did improvised safety squat bar (SSB) squats onto a parallel box with a narrow stance. I’m going to go ahead and take credit for “inventing” these until I find otherwise. You take the Manta Ray (aka the Manta-Gay) and put it in the middle of the cambered bar that you use on the bench. You know, not the big cambered bar like the West Side guys use, the one with the narrow camber that all the bench and curl crowd use to get more ROM on the decline press. By setting the manta ray in the center of the camber, and letting the ends of the bar stay in front of your shoulders, it simulates the forward center of mass of the SSB.

Funky Bar Squats 225×3, 245×3, 265×3, 275×3, 295×3, 305×1, 315×2 Just like my normal squat and box squat, I need to work on arching my way out of the hole, pressing my head and traps back first.

Lat Pulldown w/the big double triangle that looks like an old dinner bell 150×6, 170×6, 190×6, 200×6, 200×6 I don’t know how much weight is actually on the lat pull, so I just take the number on the stack times ten. I don’t really care how much it weights either, I’m only glad it’s numbered so I don’t have to count how many holes up I’m using every time.

Alternated with GHR’s, bwx5x6 (setsxreps, bw=body weight)

One arm cable rows with a D-handle 50×15, 62.5x15x2 alternated with

improvised reverse hypers on the GHR 3 sets of 15 reps. I do these by putting a big board we have on top of the GHR pad and setting the toe plate all the way to the back. I then lay on the flat board (more comfortable than beaching myself on the rounded GHR pad) and I wrap two green mini bands around the upright and hook my feet through them like you would the strap a real reverse hyper. Unlike the picture, I keep my legs straight I let the bands slingshot my legs towards my head. I do these pretty fast. It helps if you have someone hold the board so your ponderous body doesn’t wobble it around. It also helps if you ask them if they’d like to go in the other room and hold your wood.

Lastly, I was going to do some situps off the GHR, but my abs don’t seem to be working any more so I didn’t. It looks like a Sunday afternoon whiskey, cheap champagne and PBR bender doesn’t help the ol’ six pack.

Funky Bar Squats and Buddy Wood Holding

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