Another Extra Workout and Training on the Road

After I blogged Saturday morning, I trained again that night. Same stuff really, did a bunch of GHR’s and then did some stuff for time, rolling extensions and improvised reverse hypers.

Today I went to train in the Chickasaw Wellness Complex and it was less than stellar. This is one reason I don’t like to do meaningful training when I’m away from Ames. I try to make my visits home coincide with a deload week so it doesn’t matter what I do or what weights I hit. A deload, for my meatheaded readers, is when you back off so that you can come back stronger when you resume training at your normal volume and/or intensity.

Anyway, it sucked. There bars are too thick and for some reason too smooth. The sleeves are either too small for the plates or vice versa, so they shift around, even with collars on. I’d step back one foot to squat, and then the other and I’d feel both sides jerk. Needless to say, I didn’t hit any PR’s but I got some good form work done with 315.

Then I did some bench, just because I can and worked up to a single at 295. The benches are super soft and squishy and I was benching out of the power rack. I just wanted to press enough to let the high-fiving tenagers standing around know that I was stronger than them.

Then I did a set of fifty on the circuit machines of rows and hamstring curls and did some rolling extensions.

There were only a few hotties in the gym, and luckily, I’m uglier than sin and dress like a vagrant hobo past his prime, so they didn’t approach me and interrupt my training. Much like the cheerleaders I saw when I went to get my little brother’s keys so Dad and I could go home, they probably weren’t 18 anyway, so no loss.

 Just then I locked my keys in my truck and had to have my dad drive me home so I could get his spare key and open it up. That totally sucked.

Anyway, training sucked, but I’ve been working in the barn driving hundreds of nails, so I’m sure my right arm strength will be through the roof, and I built an 8 inch box to box squat with.

 Happy T-day everyone.

Another Extra Workout and Training on the Road

One thought on “Another Extra Workout and Training on the Road

  1. Philipk says:

    Well, while you are lifting lite weights, and checking out the teenage girls some of us are working our ass off. I hit 385 x 6 last night on squats, S.L.D.L. 245 x 7 and leg press 480 x 6, plus some GHR’s and leg ext, leg curls and lunges. Get your priorities straight. Just kidding have a good Thanksgiving.

    On another note, your girlfriend from last Sat. (Sarah) is engaged and has a kid.

    See you Mon.

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