More Extra Work, Booze, Mr T.

Thursday night I elected to do some bench work because I thought no one would be in on Friday in case I wanted to work up or do some heavy assistance work. Towards the end of training I asked my pal Phil if I should do some extra hammy work or come in and do an extra workout Friday.

Phil: Are you actually going to come in and do it?

Me: Oh yeah.

Needless to say, I didn’t do anything last night. After finishing up my classwork that was due before Thanksgiving, I drank some cheap beer, ate a $.34 fruit pie and watched the short-lived season of Mr. T’s reality show on DVD.

So today I got in and did some GHR’s and ab work. I was shocked at how hard the GHR’s were. It might be the fact that I drank last night or that I don’t normally train in the morning.

Normal warm-up

GHR, front elevated on 12 inch box (I know, pathetic) 5 sets, about 6-8 reps per set

Hanging knee raises 5 sets of 10

I really want to get my GHR up because my hamstrings are non-existent. I just need to start doing them. I think I’ll add a couple sets of AMAP (As Many As Possible) before my upper days and add them as a second or third movement on both of my lower body days. I read in one of Louie’s articles that in Soviet Russia 600 GHRs/month was considered maintenance work.

Speaking of added volume, I’d like to get the Econo Prowler from Elite, but I’m not sure anyone else in the club would use it. Maybe I’ll just make a little cart or sled or something while I’m at home for T-day.

I had Burger King this afternoon, and I have to say the Homestyle Melt is good, but it’s no Quad Stacker.

More Extra Work, Booze, Mr T.

2 thoughts on “More Extra Work, Booze, Mr T.

  1. my noon workouts consistently suck too, in comparison to my evening sessions

    for me it’s an issue of getting enough food and enough time to digest it before training

    most of the time, even if that does happen, i generally don’t perform as well as i do in my evening sessions, things just feel heavier and i always feel slightly out of groove

  2. Philipk says:


    I thought I would let you know I had a good day in the gym yesterday. It was dead so I was able to completely concentrate on my lifts. Anyways I hit 435 for 6 or 7 on deadlifts. I hope to either leave work early and get to Beyer before 6 or lift at Earls.

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