Punching The Clock

Today was nothing special, just got in and did some stuff, bitched and complained about it and went home.

speed bench, three grips, with 2 second pauses 205x9x3 What with the abs being sore, it was really hard to get into a good arch.

JM Press 115x6x6 I dont know if I’m doing these right, but they kind of make my elbows ache and then my wrist had a burny feeling by my thumb. If you know what I’m doing wrong, comment.

Overhead Rope Extension 70x2x12-10

Bent Over Flys 15x3x18-15-12

Front Bridge aka Plank 80x60seconds

I thought I might do some hamstrings tonight but instead I’ll do them tomorrow as an extra workout, probably GHR’s and some kind of ab work. Seeing as how I’ll have all next week to stuff myself and deload, I might as well go for broke in the weighroom.

Incidentally, no hotties outside the weightroom tonight.

Punching The Clock

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